A new day brings new experiences. I opted to do a home practice for my fourth day of this yoga challenge, just to enjoy the serenity and solitude of practicing alone.

As I settled into my cross-legged meditation pose, it took me sometime to settle my active mind. My brain was saying: “I’ve no teacher to guide me along today. Seriously. What lesson am I going to learn and what on earth am I going to blog about?!” I won’t lie but it took me awhile to focus on my breathing and calm my frenzy mind, and simply trust that through my dedication to practice, I’ll learn something new, regardless of the lack of guidance.

My intention for the day: Trust

Tuning into my breath and the soft background music, I allowed my body the freedom to flow through the practice. From the cat pose to downdogs to sun salutations and the warrior poses. I never once thought or worried about what the next pose might be, but simply allowed my body to use the inhalations and exhalations to guide itself throughout the practice. The amazing thing about today’s practice was that I had never managed to practice alone without my brain constantly planning ahead, trying to figure out what the next pose should be. Prior to today, I didn’t know how to ground myself into the present moment, and just believe that the body would speak for itself. I’m not entirely sure what allowed me to flow effortlessly in practice today, but I believe that it was the intention that I had set for myself at the beginning and the commitment to stay in tuned with breath.

To be able to trust your body and to let your inner child shine and be exposed, as opposed to submitting to the wants and needs of the brain is an experience. And I think I was able to capture this amazing experience today by allowing the breath and soul to connect with each other, and effectively eliminating all other clutter surrounding me.

One word to describe today’s practice: Amazing.

Featured photo credits: Kashirin Nickolai