Aham Prema is Sanskrit for “I AM Divine Love”.

“The mantra Aham Prema affirms one’s divine love energy within. A grand inner transformation is invoked, creating one’s highest essence of love. This emanation enhances all situations, everyday, creating a wonderful foundation for whatever one desires to manifest.” (source daniellecrume.com)

I chanced upon this mantra recently and was immediately drawn to the sound of it. It resonated all throughout my body and senses. I fell in love with the mantra at my first recitation of it.

This week, I was told by my physiotherapist that I have to stop going to yoga classes for at least a week. For a month and a half, I have been experiencing pain in my left glutes and sometimes shooting pain through my left leg. The diagnosis: an irritated SI joint and strained glute muscles. I was bummed out. Not only that I have a slight limp in my walk now, I cannot attend yoga classes for a week.

My friend called me yesterday and she reminded me about what yoga really is. What is yoga? For me, yoga gives me the opportunity to open myself up to all my senses and listen intently to what my body wants from me. It is about the mixing of both the internal and external world. We breathe in air from the outside and we mix it in with the blood that is inside our body. The yin and the yang. The unity of different forces coming together. All in our body.

I am reminded of this mantra too. As we spread love out to everyone and everything around us, we spread love within ourselves as well. The Dalai Lama says: For us to experience happiness, we must be able to show compassion to others.

Though I cannot go for my yoga lessons for a week, I can put my energy someplace else and make someone else’s life happy. After all, every human being’s ultimate wish in this lifetime is to seek for happiness in one way or another.

Aham Prema.

Featured photo credits: Amy Messere
Aham Prema Sanskrit: ambranco.blogspot.com/