Exactly a month ago, Su-An and I launched Project 10WATERpumps, a campaign using digital media to raise funds for clean and safe water, and draw awareness to this important global issue.

We are campaigning to raise $5000 by World Water Day, on March 22, as part of UNICEF Canada’s Student Challenge initiative.

What Are WATERpumps?

Waterpumps are generally used to supply clean, safe and reliable water for drinking, washing, sanitation and irrigation. They are also the solution to improving water supplies and hygiene practices in the schools and communities of developing nations.

Why Is There A Need For WATERpumps?

884 million people lack access to clean and safe water. Water-borne diseases cause 5000 children deaths everyday, making it the second highest cause for childhood death in the world. The need for waterpumps in these communities is immediate because they provide clean and safe water to these communities, which subsequently lowers the death rate in the world and promises a better life to people in these developing nations.

How Does Building A WATERpump Help A Village?

You can help transform the kind of water that these developing nations are using currently from this:

To crystal clear, clean and safe water:

Where does $5000 go towards?

Donations start from any amount. Just $1 can provide a child with safe drinking water for 40 days.

One waterpump costs $500. UNICEF, the world’s leading child-focused humanitarian and development agency, launched “The UNICEF Water Project” which will build the waterpumps in communities which lack access to clean and safe water.

All donations go directly to UNICEF Canada.

Project 10WATERpumps

We can never imagine how would anyone be able to shower with water from the drains; wash fruits with water used for showers; or drink coffee with sewage water. Su-An and I want to engage you in our mission to help provide clean and safe water to communities which lack access to it.

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UNICEF Canada Student Challenge states that when each team raises enough funds for one water pump, the team will receive one ballot in the draw to win a trip to New York City. However, Su-An and I are forfeiting this opportunity. We are both graduates from our respective universities and our only interest in participating in this project is to fundraise and raise awareness for this global crisis.

Water = Life

Thank you, everyone, for your kind support.

Featured photo credits: UNICEF Canada
Waterpump with woman and child: UNICEF New Zealand
Water facts infographic: water.org
Child with unsafe water: hdptcar
Child getting clean water: Julien Harneis

Water Facts: UNICEF Water Project, water.org