How many people in the world can say, “I’ve never tasted failure in my life — ever.” My guess would be 0.0000000000000001% of the world population can attest to this statement. That is to say, the other 99.0000000000000099% would understand what failure feels like. Truth be told, the feeling sucks. It leaves an extremely bitter aftertaste and sends shivers down one’s spine. No one loves to fail. But the sad truth — failure is a fundamental aspect of life that we have to experience at least once (if not many times).

Sir Winston Churchill said:

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

I cannot agree more with this statement. We learn from our successes and we strive to be better at a given task. Likewise, we learn from failure because it allows us to see things from a different perspective and forces us to contemplate on the reasons for failing.

No one escapes Mr. HarshBitterUglySourDistasteful Failure. And because it is part of our life’s journey, let’s all just take his lessons with a pinch of salt. When we stand back up again and come back stronger than before, that is how we can throw punches back at his ugly face.

Never say never. Never give up on a task before even trying. Fail if you must, but stand back up again and learn from your failures. Thereafter, you will experience the wonderful goodness of Ms. YouAreSoAwesome Success.

Failure is just a harsh but bittersweet lesson of life.

Featured photo credits: bottled_void