Today marks my second month working on board the Royal Caribbean International’s Legend of the Seas as a Cupcake Supervisor. It has been an interesting adventure ride like none other. Words alone will not be able to paint a clear, concise picture of life on board a cruise ship because it is an experience which only the sole individual will be able to comprehend.

Crew members come from many different walks of life. The ranks range from the officers to the facilities crew staff. Additionally, one would have to deal with an international crew environment where there might be clashes in cultural, political, or religion views. The ability to work in a cohesive environment with these individuals from different backgrounds and ranks within a tiny space is an experience in itself. The ability to avoid interaction with other crew staff is almost inexistant as the same corridors are used on a daily basis. Hence, the need to understand and wholly accept the concept that everyone is different is essential for the sanity of the sole individual who chooses to work on a cruise ship. Once this concept is driven into the person, the experience becomes much more fulfilling and enriching. The individual would then be able to look past the differences and appreciate the perspectives gained from being able to experience these different backgrounds and cultures.

However, life on a cruise ship extends beyond the realm of being in the midst of these people. There is a certain sense of rigidity within a fast-paced working environment that might be tough to get accustomed to for individuals who reign from liberal societies. The constant need to adhere to strict rules and regulations on a 24/7 basis might cause exhaustion for some.

There are a myriad of experiences that one would encounter while working on board. In the next few months, I will attempt to blog about certain topics that might be of interest to those who are wondering about the working environment and life on board a cruise ship. However, please note that these opinions are mine and have no relation to the Royal Caribbean International.