People are so afraid that something might happen. To them, fear is so much more important than their dream. Don’t be afraid that something will happen, be afraid that nothing will happen.

–   Herman Zapp

The feeling of fear is extremely interesting. The pulse quickens; the palm get slippery and wet; the brain cells seem to diminish; thoughts are scattered; and the tummy goes into butterfly mode. How many of us have basked in that feeling and took a moment to actually savour every second of it?

As human, our body and mind are developed through the positive and negative experiences from the past. The mind stores these layers of experiences that are built upon each other in both our subconscious and conscious minds. When we are faced with a situation, our mind works in quirky ways to conjure up expectations and judgements about what we think we might be experiencing next. If the situation triggers the positive experiences from the past, coupled with what the brain thinks would happen next with it’s “fortune-telling” abilities, we would jump right into the task/activity/etc with no questions asked. However, if the situation stirs up the negative pool of experiences, our brains would screw us over by crippling us with that griping feeling of fear.


So what can we do to avoid fear?

As I do not think that fear is avoidable, there are three ways to tackle this feeling:
1. We can avoid the situation entirely and give in to our fears;
2. Choose to suppress this feeling and push our body to go beyond it’s capabilities;
3. Learn to live with it, acknowledge it, and savour those feelings of fear.


The fundamental part of living with fear is being aware of this feeling and understanding that fear is an experience in itself. Before we can get past this feeling of fear, we have to acknowledge the root cause of the feeling that might be tangled up in a bunch of knots. Our task is then to untie the them slowly, bit by bit, till we are finally free from that feeling of fear for that particular situation. However, we must be aware that as we are dealing with fear, we are dealing with reality as well. It is important to be realistic about our fears because jumping off the CN tower (or any tall building in your city) is an understandable fear.

Fear is mostly self-created and it is up to the individuals to undo the knots that caused the fear to be able to live with it. Some time last week, I received this horoscope reading in my mailbox. Though it was a Libran reading, it is well applicable to everyone out there.

You have what it takes to compete at the highest level, so don’t let fear of failure hold you back. Get out there into the world and let everyone see what a truly creative and capable individual you are.

We are all human. Having fears is normal, but learning to understand and love this feeling is essential for the growth of our body, mind and soul.

I am still learning.


Featured Photo Credits: Duncan C