I’m in the middle of “Kundalini — Yoga for the West”. As I was reading the section on the root chakra, a tidal wave of emotions swept through me. The past week took a toll on my emotional self when I realized the truth in certain peoples’ actions. The betrayal led me to question the amount of trust that I invest in people, but perhaps it’s simply a question of my own gullible nature and personal expectations of others.

“How much of your energy is locked up in imaginary pain?
Can you forget and forgive if you keep old (maybe imagined) hurts alive?
That energy could be used more benefically.”
(Kundalini — Yoga for the West)

Flipping through my journal, I found this entry that I copied from Elephant Journal a few months ago. It speaks true to the above quote and made me ponder about my current emotional state. My created expectations have to be washed away. We do not live in a fairytale land and we are not emotionless beings, but we have full reign of the physical, mental and emotional state of our bodies and minds. We do not, and can never, control the actions, words, and thoughts of others. We do the best that we can to achieve happiness in the purest form, whenever possible.

A Statement of Intention

Today I make this affirmation. I make it for no other reason than as a statement of intention and a trust in it’s truth. Feelings will become words, words will become actions, and actions will become feelings. And so it is.

I hereby end the grip that the past has had on me. Those who have hurt me can hurt me no longer. Those who have inspired negative reactions can inspire them no longer. Those who have created in me an insanity preventing me from living life to it’s fullest no longer have such power. I erase you form my thoughts, from my mind, and from my actions. Out of dust you were created, and into dust you now return.

From this moment forward I only focus on the present, the here and the now. I no longer distrust this present because of the past. I no longer distrust those in my life due to the actions of those in my past. I no longer see you as my past abuser, I no longer see you as my past tormentor and I no longer judge you by the actions of others. You ARE special. You ARE unique. You are a light unto yourself and you need to know that is exactly how I see you. I trust you to be YOU, and no one else.

In times when I may hear the distant voices from the past long ago creep into my mind, I’ll remember these words and focus on the truth that is this moment. I share this with the universe, and since you are not separate from this universe, I share it with you. This is my truth.

A Statement of Intention by: Tom Grasso
Featured Photo Credits: Antonio Sofi