Life is a struggle sometimes. We have to make decisions daily, and that split second decision could determine a whole different life for us. Naturally, the decisions that we make are steered towards the positive track, where we hope that things would pan out the way we envision it to. But what happens when that split second decision works against us? I have two answers for that: Embrace it, or Deny it.

Either route that we take, it is another decision that we have to make with consequences that are somewhat predictable from the present standpoint.

What does it mean to Embrace?
By embracing our current situation, it means that we choose to live in the present and am willing to clean up after ourselves. There could be positive and negative reactions from those who might have been affected by your past decision, but the least you can do is to clean and sooth their wounds with positive actions. This requires time and effort on your part but when done with love and an optimistic mindset, like how our human body handles wounds — wounds will heal overtime. If the past decision affected your personal self, trust that YOU will heal yourself just fine.

But choosing to Deny is a great option as well — or not?
I can’t agree more that living in denial is the easiest way out of a sticky situation. However, this is detrimental to the human mind, body and soul. The ghosts of our past lurk around in the dark corners of ourselves, and no exorcist would be able to banish them away from us. Down the road, should we find the light at the end of the tunnel, these ghosts would continue to haunt us, which might lead us to question our existence on this planet. Revisiting the past would uncover old wounds which would hurt a lot more than fresh ones. The road of denial is an easy path, but we hurt no one more than ourselves.

Life may not be peachy always, but we should remain loving, hopeful and optimistic. Embrace change, embrace flaws, embrace life.

“Be loving, hopeful, and optimistic”
— Jack Layton

Featured Photo Credits: Neal Fowler