It was an eventful beginning to my New York trip. I succumbed to the cold virus two days before flying, and had a full blown fever the day before. Thankfully, my fever broke around midnight, which allowed me to pack for my trip. Well, that was just the start.

I arrived at the airport for an early check-in (an hour and half before), only to find out that my plane was grounded and I had to transfer to the next flight which was an hour and half later. Upon arrival in Newark, the bathroom called out loud and clear, which made me stand in line for 45 minutes because that five minute delay meant that a plane load of Danish people arrived as well. After clearing customs, and finding my luggage to be the only one left on the belt, I walked out of the arrival area, happy to be finally cleared of my airport drama. As I reached for my wallet in my backpack, alas! I lost my yoga mat in between the line-up and customs. Dang. While I was still trying to keep my spirits high, I found out that the air trains stopped running which made me miss my connection to Penn Station, New York. Nonetheless, I trudged forward. At Penn Station, I boarded a train which stopped running a few stations after! After a switch, I was finally on my way to Brooklyn!

Upon arrival, I saw this note stuck on the door of the apartment I was housing at. It made me realize that hey, life is indeed a daring adventure.

Through my travels and past experiences, I have learned to always expect the unexpected. Things never go as planned. Life never goes as planned. We can only live in the present and accept things as they come our way. We can make choices in life, but whatever the circumstances are, we have to accept them because that was the path we chose, even though it may not have turned out the way we wanted it to.

Life is a mystery, but that’s why it is a daring adventure. If you’re having a bad day, or going through a bad time now, remember this: There is always sunshine after the rain.