Sandy has taken the top spot in the news, Facebook, Twitter, and my personal text messages. To everyone who has messaged to ask about my well-being, I am safe and sound in the great North. Thank you very much for your love and concern, and I appreciate it very much.

Moving on.

As the current Community Manager for a company in the sustainable energy industry, I have been monitoring trends, needs and interests for sustainable energy within North America for the past four months. I have seen a good number of ‘hate’ tweets from consumers (and companies who fail to respond to them, but it should be saved for a separate blog post), and it has definitely escalated over the past few days. Yes, many parts of Ontario are experiencing power outages. Yes, we need power to survive. Yes, we need an outlet to let off steam (and naturally social media is the way to go). I could go on and on, but I won’t. That isn’t the purpose of this post.

In the light of a natural disaster, I do understand that many of us will be left stranded without ‘basic survival essentials’. However, maybe we should re-evaluate what the bare essentials of survival are. In my elementary school years, I was taught that living beings require oxygen, water, and food to function — and it still stands true. Our generation has been spoilt with the introduction of technology and life seems meaningless without it — Agreed?


Our bodies and minds thrive on oxygen. In the midst of a turbulent storm, when we are plunged into a world of utter darkness, let’s take a step back from the situation. Before we send an angry tweet, yell abusive words, or sulk, let’s be thankful that we had the chance to know and explore light after the sun goes down. There are many places around the world where people have no access to clean water, food or electricity, but they are still trudging on strong with their lives. We have no reason to complain when hydro companies are working around the clock to restore power for us, or if you are down south, when people are working hard to pump water out of basements and the subways.

In the moments of darkness, it is also a great time for us to find peace within ourselves and speak to our inner self. By focussing on the breath, you will realize that angry and frustrated thoughts would dissipate into dust, and you will be able to see light through the dark hallways.

The next time you feel like lashing out at someone, or simply bursting out in frustration, just breathe. Trust the breath. And I can promise you that it will take you on an adventurous ride because you will realize something different about yourself. You will realize that even through turbulent storms, you can find inner peace and be calm.

Featured Photo Credits: Tumblr