What exactly is the conventional mould?

In many ways, our outlook in life has been reduced to the images we see in magazines, Internet, and the news. We seem to have lost the true essence of ourselves in these colourful images. We want to mimic those pictures to blend into society. Is that what living is all about?

Through the practice of yoga, I have learned that conformity into what is perceived as societal norm is the worse thing we can inflict onto our body, mind and soul. I have compared my full wheel poses to those pictured on YogaJournal.com in the past. Why? Because I didn’t want to do the ‘wrong’ thing. However, that action alone was one of my biggest mistakes in my quest to truly understand the practice of yoga. The mind tries to dictate the movements and feelings of the body, but it doesn’t realize that the body is an organ of it’s own. By focussing on trying to be perfect, I lost the core meaning of yoga — the connection of mind and body.

There are many things in this universe that operate only when they are in balance. Work/life balance; Relationship balance; Cookies and cupcakes (because you need equal amounts of flour/eggs/butter etc to bake). And because most things we require in life is balance, we should demand that from our body and mind as well. Allow the body to move freely without any judgement from the mind.

We were brought into this world not to conform to rigidity, but to be ourselves. Free yourself from self-judgement, and you might be able to uncover something special about yourself.

Try stepping out of the conventional mould and do something that really means something to you.

Featured photo credits: My friend, Andrew, who snapped that photo of me in Otaru, Japan.