“Anything is possible, if we put our minds to it.”

There are many things in life that we would like to achieve. Perhaps it was to be the top student in class, the greatest tourist of all time (whatever that means), or simply to become our own boss at work. We have dreams and aspirations, with some being more realistic than others. We believe that as long as we put our mind to it, miracles would happen someday — at least we hope for it to happen.

While reading Stephen Cope’s “The Great Work Of Your Life“, I came across this:

“No matter how much focus we may bring to any task, if the task is not our real vocation we will still be haunted by the suffering of doubt, and the internal agony of division.”

Say what?! This makes my opening quote redundant! How can that be?

After much contemplation on this thought, I realized the truth behind those words. We can thrive through life with a purpose towards our goal, but it doesn’t necessarily bring us to our final destination the way we perceived it to happen. Things might fail along the way, and we would continually question our purpose of carrying out the task. This is a whirlwind journey, and we can never (and should never) stop asking questions. However, the day that we can confidently and wholeheartedly answer our own questions without a heavy heart, we can rightfully say that we are on the path that was meant for us to walk on.

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