I jogged on both Saturday and Sunday, in probably -1 degrees. This was the first for me in Toronto. The last time I ran in the minus was along the waterfront towards English Bay in the ever beautiful British Columbia. Man, I do miss that place sometimes. Anyway, with the sun beaming at it’s brightest, I couldn’t resist throwing on four layers of warm gear to head outside for a nice jog.

Jogging in a cosmopolitan city can be a little overwhelming with many disruptions along the way. With hardly any parks or waterfront for me to enjoy, I decided that the best way to run was to just follow the signs — literally. At every major intersection, there would be a stoplight and I’d cross the street as directed by the red lights. There wasn’t any maps or route for me to follow. I simply went with the flow of lights, and took the opportunity to explore the little neighbourhood pockets that Toronto boasted. Needless to say, the weekend opened my eyes to several parts of town that I never knew existed and I even saw the Grey Cup in real life! All it took was a little bit of faith that I won’t get lost, my eyes, my legs, and my sense of adventure.

However, this weekend taught me a lesson as well. (Other than the fact that I should run more often because my legs are killing me as I type this post.)

There are times in life when we seem to be gliding along aimlessly, and others who have been brought up by strict rules would scorn at our wilful behaviour. And because many of us seek acceptance into society, groups, friends and family, we would start to question our own behaviours and outlook in life. Maybe this isn’t where I should be. Maybe I should be more than what I am right now. Maybe I should do something else that would earn more money. Maybe…maybe…maybe…not?

Maybe we shouldn’t put our focus onto what other people are thinking of us. Maybe for once in our lives, we should focus inwards and do what we really like. Maybe we should just shine from within and be the authentic us. Maybe?

What may seem aimless and redundant to others could mean so much to you. One has to realize that we don’t live our lives for others, not your parents or siblings. We owe this life to ourselves to be us. Whatever we do, be it cooking, running, scrapbooking, realize that we are learning something about ourselves along the way. And through the journey of learning ourselves, we would go on adventure rides to discover more about the things we love. We would meet new people, go new places, and the best thing of all — we listened to our hearts and opened ourselves to a world of opportunities.

Go. I encourage you to go on your own running adventure.

Featured Photo Credits: Happy Fitness Tumblr