The stories of the American gunman who pulled the trigger and caused 28 fatalities infiltrated the hearts of everyone around the globe yesterday. Following that, the man who stabbed 22 children and one adult outside a primary school in China. This morning, I woke up to another piece of tragic news. Another shooting was reported in Vegas, leaving two dead — the shooter himself, and the woman he shot. About ten minutes ago, I was fed with another piece of news. A mother of a close friend passed on from cancer, and someone within my wakeboarding circle received news that his mother has contacted cancer.

This is a weekend of grief, as we mourn together as a world for humankind. The kids who will never be able to live up to their graduation day, or to carry out their dreams and aspirations in the world. The brave ones who shielded the children; for their extraordinary gift and love to educate our leaders of tomorrow. The unnamed woman who will not be able to see her grandchildren. And for our loved ones who have passed on.

It will be a solemn Christmas for many, with black snow flooding the streets. When death visits us at the door, be it for ourselves or someone else, regret and remorse would probably be the toughest things to deal with. Life is unpredictable, and there is almost nothing we can do to alter our path in life. However, we have the choice to make the best out of everything that we do. We can love a little more, smile a little more, laugh a little more, and most importantly, do all of those from within.

To the shooters who died and stabber — for whatever reason you had when you carried out your ‘mission’, may peace be with you. The darkness must have clouded your vision, which disallowed you from being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Your actions have caused millions of people quaking in tears for their loss, but you have taught the entire world a huge lesson. We can never take anything in life for granted. Not our families, our friends, our government, our country, our world, and ourselves even. You taught us to hold tightly to each other; to love truly and wholly from deep within. Your darkness has allowed the world to see the light — the light of love.

To our loved ones and parents — you are our everything. Without you, there won’t be us. Thank you for being wonderful, and for the love you gave to us.

To all humankind — let’s love a little more. Love with openness. Love with your heart. And, let’s learn to receive love from others as well. Because really, love is all about giving and receiving.

To those who passed on — May all your souls rest in peace.

Update: I just received news that the mother of the wakeboarder has passed on too. To my wakeboarding family in Singapore, I’m sending you my love from up North. Xo