waves of emotions

It is undeniable that our physical body is subjected to the waves of emotions that charges through it. Our appetite for food is largely intertwined with our moods. In those jubilant moments, we possess a sensational appetite for hearty meals to fill our bottomless stomachs. However, when our moods are tipped to the opposite end of the scale, our appetite follows it downhill as well. This, together with other mental phenomenons such as stress, are major contributors to diseases of the heart and cancer. What can human beings do, to avoid such drastic outcomes?

Over the past weekend, I went through a tidal wave of emotions. From the extreme peak of happiness, I was quickly plunged down to a rock bottom pit of darkness and emotional sadness. My body quaked with sobs as I desperately tried to comprehend this fascinating emotional ride, amongst other things. The yoga mat is stained with tears when I sought comfort through a vigourous yoga practice yesterday. But, the journey isn’t over.

Riding the waves of emotions isn’t for the faint hearted, but it is a mental sport that everyone has to go through. It doesn’t matter how strong or weak an individual is, because at the end of the day, we must understand that we have to succumb to our feelings and emotions. There are things in life that we can run away from, perhaps it’s from family or secured financial success, but those things that are buried in our physical and mental body stay with us. Sometimes crying and trashing around doesn’t help solve all problems because we need to recognize that every problem that sprouts up came from a seed that was buried deep in the inner layers of our soul. Our purpose and mission in life is to uncover these seeds to free ourselves from the tangles of emotional sadness, judgements and worries, before we can shine our true light into the world.

And guess what? This journey never ends. Seeds are planted in us on a constant basis, but we can learn to be more aware of these seeds and unroot them before it sprouts into seedlings or trees. Isn’t life exciting?