February has been an incredibly stressful month for me — an awesome beginning for 2013. Problems of the past resurfaced, and I was forced to juggle those issues together with my emotional and mental well-being. In my constant struggle to regain balance and full control of my life, I met one of my deadly enemies — Frustration.

Frustration didn’t lead me to anywhere good, but he continuously dug hard and infiltrated deeper into the black empty holes of my mental psych, making sure that I got to know him pretty well. He sought for satisfaction by watching me wrestle with my emotions, and rejoiced when I finally broke down with exhaustion and near defeat. But what Frustration didn’t know was — I have been saving up mental ammunition to counter days like such.

As humans, we are allowed (and highly encouraged) to ride the emotional waves on our surfboards. We might be able to pull different tricks on some days, sail along on some, or crash hard on other days. The important aspect of riding these waves is the ability to be constantly aware of our mental and emotional state of mind. When we are aware of ourselves, we begin to understand how the ecosystem functions, and that happiness and peace are not constant in our current space and time. Allowances have to be made for the ‘bad’ days, and we’ll have to pick ourselves up slowly and ride through the storm.

The mental ammunition that I mentioned earlier refers to my level of self-awareness. Through yoga, meditation and guidance from spiritual teachers in my life, I’m beginning to understand that I can’t fight emotions such as Frustration, but I can learn to be friends with him. I can learn to understand Frustration better, and find out the reasons why he would want to dig deep into my mental psych. From there, I can slowly begin to build boundaries for myself that would discourage Frustration’s desire to affect my emotions and mind.

And, because life is a lot sweeter to have friends than enemies — Frustration, it’s nice to start getting to know you as a friend. We may not be best friends right away, but we’ll take things as they come our way. xo

Frustration A Deadly Enemy

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