Trinity Bellwoods Blue Sky

It has been a struggle over the past two and half years as I tried to navigate through the marketing and communication jungle. In 2010, I graduated from university with a hopeful heart and a willingness to utilize every ounce of my energy to find a job in this highly competitive industry. A year after graduation, I made the huge move from Vancouver to Toronto, in hopes of finding a job at a CPG company. Half a year later, I left for Asia to work as a Cupcake Supervisor on the cruise ship. After two and half months, I came back to Toronto, ready to plunge right into the marketing and communication world again. Since, I have struggled to find a job that would provide me with substantial income to support myself, or one that would bring me happiness. Finally, I’ve made my final decision: I’m leaving Canada by Summer 2014.

This is indeed a huge decision, and one that brings tears to my eyes as I write this post or whenever I think about it. A few weeks ago, my yoga teacher told me: “Cheryl, it’s time to grow up.” Those words reverberated deep into my psyche, and left me speechless for a few seconds. Till now, I’m still trying to digest those words. He wasn’t wrong in any way to tell me that, because I’m still the baby girl who, at times, would like to crawl back into my crib and cry out loud for my parents to feed me. I haven’t been able to make real decisions over the past few years that would allow me to live a life that I choose, and dare to take the risks to do so. I have mostly relied on fate, hope, and magic. And quite honestly, I haven’t been truly happy.

There are big challenges ahead for me, and life would still be a struggle for me. When life reaches a plateau, it’s when we should worry about what’s ahead of us. Life isn’t linear, and it will never be. Every day brings about new adventures and challenges for each and everyone of us. Recently, most of my friends have been asking me: “So, what’s your next plan?” I don’t know. I have no clue what my next plan would be, I have no idea where I’d be in the next year, let alone next month. But I do know a few things: I love yoga; I love working with women and young girls; I love baking. And, my mandate for digital still stays strong, that “the digital world provides endless opportunities for interaction with the global audience which makes it an excellent platform for initiating a positive shift in social culture and norms.

Everything happens for a reason — I truly believe in that.

Thank you, Canada, for the past six amazing years. Thank you, Vancouver, for your beauty and welcoming me into your beautiful country. Thank you, Toronto, for helping me find myself on so many levels, and for enriching my life in so many ways.

And thank you to Donna De Lory for this song: Bathe in These Waters