In 2008, I took my first yoga class at Semperviva in Vancouver. During my first few classes, I remember thinking that the yoga teacher track would be an exciting one to embark on. Prior to my stint on the cruise ship, I decided that upon returning home to Toronto, I’d do two things: 1) Get a tattoo 2) Do my yoga teacher training. Both are relatively huge decisions and I did one of the two last October. Finally, this year — the year of major decisions — I have officially decided to do my Yoga Teacher Training!

Making this decision wasn’t an easy feat. I had to consider all the options that were presented in front of me — the faculty that I would like to study with, the styles of yoga, the studio, the country, and finally, the cost of it. I’ve been looking at YTT courses for over a year now, comparing them and weighing them out. A couple of months ago, I narrowed it down to a few courses, and finally, late last week, I made my final decision. I will be doing the 889 Living Yoga Progam in Fall 2013 with well-acclaimed teachers from Toronto and USA.

2013 has been a year of tough decisions but I foresee 2014 to be the year of major changes, new beginnings, and a new outlook in life. I’m brimming over with excitement, yet terrified of what’s coming up next. It’s a good balance of emotions because above all, I’m really happy.

Thank you to all my friends and especially my parents (who are helping me out financially) for helping me make this decision. I truly appreciate the encouragement, support and love that I’m receiving from all of you. I’ll try to blog about my journey as I go along, so please stay tuned!


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