Yoga Millbrook NY Manduka

My Yoga Teacher Training begins in exactly two days and a mere five hours ago, I was freaking my brains out. I felt completely uninspired, unmotivated, and sluggish. I flowed through a Vinyasa class this morning without a clear intention nor was my heart completely present on my mat. An hour passed and I was still somewhere else — high up in the clouds. So yes, I freaked out because of the financial cost of this training, and the prospect of me walking away with absolutely zero knowledge after the next six months.

And all it took was for a friend to nudge me, not physically, in the right places which allowed me to see things from a clearer perspective. She brought me back to earth with her words and I can’t thank her enough. This YTT is entirely up to me to learn as much as I can, and it’s going to take a hell lot of discipline and creating a generous amount of space for myself to ensure that my nutrition, sleep, mental and physical levels are balanced.

I just cleaned my room and table. My meditation corner which has been sitting there, unloved for a couple of weeks, will be tended to once again.

When we want to do things in life, it’s not a matter of pushing ourselves forcefully, but rather, nudging ourselves in the appropriate directions with love, kindness and compassion. And, we might even need others to nudge us sometimes, because we are all students of life, and we gather knowledge and support from each other.

Terry, I love you very much and thank you for everything.