website revamp

It took me only five years to revamp this space. A Communications undergraduate then, was born in 2009 as an attempt to figure out the digital landscape. This space has been through a few reconstructions with the last one done in 2011, shortly before my move to Toronto.

Since the beginning of my blog, I started questioning about life and what it means to love oneself. Upon returning from my stint on the cruise ship, I found an innate desire to find out more about the truth of my existence. Towards the end of 2012, I started therapy and my healing journey began. After suffering a major burnout in 2013 from my struggle to seek for full-time employment in the marketing and communications world, I realised that I was craving for something bigger — something that held more meaning for my spirit. In the Summer of 2013, I made three conscious decisions:

(1) I will do a 6-month yoga teacher training in Toronto
(2) I will work with troubled/at-risk girls and women
(3) I will return back to Singapore in Summer 2014.

It has been a year since my return and I’m finally settled back in Singapore. There are still adjustments that I have to make on a constant basis but my strength and courage to be back in Singapore have grown stronger. I’m still working on The Breathe Movement, a social organization that I founded to work with at-risk individuals using yoga-based tools. The learnings and growth that I experienced in the past year wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t leave Canada — something that took me a long time to realize.

As well, I’m extremely grateful to my mentor, Scott Petrie, for his guidance and patience throughout the past two years; my parents for their undying love; my partner for the love and support every single day; my cousins Jonathan, Jeremy and Jolene whom I reconnected with after more than 10 years and found my source of family/cousin love; Diane Grundy, Sharlene Joy Jose, Carlos Yi Lam, Heronymo Allen, Joel Fong, Sanjeev Suraindran, Su-An Ng, Jennifer Yeo, Belinda Koong, Elizabeth Low, Don Mahtani, Johnny Chen, Yoav Givati and so many more whom I can’t remember right now: Thank you for showing me that distance doesn’t make or break a friendship, but it’s the intention to maintain the friendship that keeps our bonds strong regardless of our geographical locations.

Regardless of whether I blog often or not, this website will continue to exist as a digital space to unravel the truths that bubble up from within, as I seek to heal and expand my understanding of the inner workings of trauma using yoga-based tools and philosophies. Thank you for visiting my space. Namaste.