Sunshine poured through the windows,
Creating pools of shadows around my feet.
I breathed in the warm, silky air,
infusing this temple of my soul with light and hope.

I settled down on the ground,
And laid crystals around my temple.
I sat. I breathed. I contemplated. I prayed.
I hoped.

A sudden strike of lightning hit the ground.
It stole the sunshine away from my temple,
Replacing it with dark rivers of water.

I stood up from my seat,
And tried to find my balance on the slippery ground beneath my feet.
I wobbled. I stumbled.
I slipped.

I land hard on the ground,
Caught chin-deep in the murky, horrifying waters.
Splash, splash, splash.
My body is in frantic mode, and my mind has spaced out.
I am drowning.

I gasp for huge intakes of breath, but the lungs are constricted.
Oxygen is rejected from my body.
I am sinking.
Black. Out.