A Brand New Day

Oct 30th, 2019 Yoga 2 min read

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything publicly, other than those on my Instagram account. I have zero direction as to where this post would go to, so read on if you feel like going on a car ride. I fell sick over the weekend, and managed to watch five documentaries that covered the psycho-emotional body, minimalism, sustainability, determination and vulnerability. They were…

I Can’t Help It

Sep 25th, 2018 Writings, Yoga 1 min read

The darkness swirls in me, swishes and thrusts my organs and bones around into a horrific mess. I feel completely helpless in this never ending turbulence that’s happening within. The nights never felt longer, with the active sugar filled brain cells constantly mocking at my tired body. Sounds from the external environment combined with those within, make the body feel like combusting into a dust…


Trudging Through Thick Mud

Jun 19th, 2018 #chooseLOVEbreatheCOURAGE, Writings, Yoga 2 min read

You wake up one morning and realise that you’re waist deep in a pool of sticky dark dirt brown mud. You try to waddle your feet around but they are pulled down by the weight of the unforgiving mud. You try to push the mud away with your hands, but nothing happens. You’re still stuck. You bite your lower lip to stop the tremble, one…

Girl wind flying in her face

Choosing Love in the Midst of a Heartbreak

Jun 18th, 2018 #chooseLOVEbreatheCOURAGE, Writings, Yoga 2 min read

Many emotions are welling in me. The turmoil of being emotionally cheated on seems slightly overpowering. I turn back to Pema Chodron’s teachings, and the words of Rumi. In the midst of darkness, is it possible for me to feel love for the other — still? How does healing take place, and where should it start? Before we can love another, we need to face…


Revolutionary Love

Mar 4th, 2018 Yoga 2 min read

I asked my friend, “how do we love in the face of chaos and violence?” She replied, “love comes for me when I pause and truly look at the other”. When we look at the other and understand that they withhold stories of their own, ones that might be filled with so much rage and terror, happiness and love, we realise that we are all…


Compassion for Others Begins When We Can First Heal Our Wounds

Mar 3rd, 2018 Yoga 1 min read

There are bound to be days where I don’t meet much conflict and I won’t have to practice choosing love and breathing courage, right? Not. The unfortunate truth. Or very fortunate. Depends on how you look at it. I went on a bitch rant today. The storylines were relatively similar – I was in the right and they were in the wrong. Therefore, this was…


Love Begins With Myself

Mar 2nd, 2018 Yoga 2 min read

Annoyance and hurt bubbled up in me. I could feel anger approaching. I wanted to say that all was fine and say a proper goodbye, but there was something in me that didn’t allow for that to happen. That annoyance had already taken a strong hold on me in that short five minute ride to my apartment. I just wanted to get far away from…

Good. Night.

Jan 25th, 2017 Writings 1 min read

Sunshine poured through the windows, Creating pools of shadows around my feet. I breathed in the warm, silky air, infusing this temple of my soul with light and hope. I settled down on the ground, And laid crystals around my temple. I sat. I breathed. I contemplated. I prayed. I hoped. BANG! A sudden strike of lightning hit the ground. It stole the sunshine away…


Loving and Remembering You Always — Debbie Chan Mei Ling.

Nov 4th, 2016 Writings, Yoga 5 min read

A full month has flown by. A month and a week ago, you sent me a 4:37min WhatsApp voice message. You had finally allowed me to visit you in the hospital! I was overjoyed, and shifted plans around to see you the following day. I walked into your hospital room. It was different from the first one I visited you at a few months ago….


The Story of the Cold, Dark Box

Mar 4th, 2016 Writings, Yoga 2 min read

It is cold and dark. There are four walls, a ceiling and a floor. No windows. It is a box of steel. Nothing comes in and nothing goes out. The frigid weather of beautiful falling snow set the temperatures within the box to way below the minuses. The cold has frozen the heart and the soul. The space, so tiny, a mouse wouldn’t survived in…

website revamp

Website Revamp

Jul 12th, 2015 Yoga 3 min read

It took me only five years to revamp this space. A Communications undergraduate then, misscheryltan.com was born in 2009 as an attempt to figure out the digital landscape. This space has been through a few reconstructions with the last one done in 2011, shortly before my move to Toronto. Since the beginning of my blog, I started questioning about life and what it means to…

Street Graffiti Toronto Queen West

How Do We Change The Patterns In Our Lives?

May 29th, 2015 Yoga 3 min read

Time after time again, I see myself falling into the same trap. The same ditch. The same dark hole that swallows my entire being. It’s almost life-threatening. The mind-body connection is such an interesting subject to study. Even though my head rationalises logical reasonings, the body is slow to catch-up. For one who seems to wallow in self-hatred, this slow catch-up game that the body…