olympic cauldron

Canadian Vesper

Apr 23rd, 2014 North America, Yoga 3 min read

Canadian Vesper Softly at the close of day, As our campfire fades away. Silently each Guide should ask, Have I done my daily task. Have I kept my honour bright, Shall I guiltless sleep tonight, Have I done and have I dared, Everything to ‘Be Prepared’. This was one of my favourite Girl Guide songs, and we would sing it at the end of every…

Trinity Bellwoods Blue Sky

6 Years: Welcome and Goodbye

Jul 15th, 2013 Travel, Yoga 3 min read

It has been a struggle over the past two and half years as I tried to navigate through the marketing and communication jungle. In 2010, I graduated from university with a hopeful heart and a willingness to utilize every ounce of my energy to find a job in this highly competitive industry. A year after graduation, I made the huge move from Vancouver to Toronto,…

Flags of the world at the UN Secretariat Building.

Do We Need To Be Known To Be Seen?

Jun 22nd, 2013 Travel, Yoga 3 min read

“Haze puts Singapore on map, millions surprised to find it there” – Business Times Singapore This article amused me, to know how some in the world view Singapore. However, it was the comments in this forum that cracked me up. As I was preparing lunch, a thought came to me. It has been six years since I left Singapore for Canada. People have always been…

I love vegans

Love The World — The Green Way

Jun 18th, 2013 Travel, Vegetarianism, Yoga 4 min read

Last year, I wrote about my choice to be a vegetarian (rightfully a pescatarian back then), and how I crossed over to the green side. Recently, about two months ago, I fully committed myself to being a full-pledged vegetarian — and there goes my love for sushi, sashimi, and shellfish. Why would I do this? To be honest, I watched this video two months after…

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Being a Mindful Cyclist In An Urban City

Jun 6th, 2013 Travel, Yoga 4 min read

I rode my bicycle to attend Gen-la Kelsang Dekyong‘s talk on Meditation and Modern Buddhism yesterday, and parked it on the sidewalk. The main idea Gen-la had for us was: Take control of your mind, and she left us with the parting message to think about how others are important and their happiness matters. As I walked out of the centre, charged with energy to…

A picnic at Trinity Bellwoods Park — Toronto, Canada

Experiencing Solitude Through Travel

May 19th, 2013 Travel, Yoga 3 min read

Summer’s officially here. To celebrate the first day of sunshine and warm weather, I rode out to the park with a mason jar of wine and snacks. Armed with only my knitting and Kobo, I was determined to make the most out of this day. I found a grassy patch that overlooked the dog park. Though there was a pathway nearby, the way I set…


I Was Fired From My Job On The Cruiseship

Apr 24th, 2013 Travel, Yoga 13 min read

Yes, I was fired from my position as a Cupcake Supervisor on board the Royal Caribbean International last year. On April 12th, 2012, I boarded the Legend of the Seas with wide-opened eyes, and with absolutely no idea what I was in for. After a month into the role, I was ready to boot. Life started off great. Being the only Cupcake girl onboard, dressed…

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Ad Astra Per Aspera

Dec 12th, 2012 Travel, Yoga 4 min read

Recently, I received the gift of a lifetime — A star named after me, which came into life on October 14, 1986. When I showed it to my friends, many were bewildered. Do I seriously think that I’m Mandy Moore from “A Walk to Remember”? Or have I gone delusional after all these years? Well, maybe I like to think that I’m Mandy Moore because…


Find the Inner Calm in the Turbulent Storm.

Oct 31st, 2012 Travel, Yoga 2 min read

Sandy has taken the top spot in the news, Facebook, Twitter, and my personal text messages. To everyone who has messaged to ask about my well-being, I am safe and sound in the great North. Thank you very much for your love and concern, and I appreciate it very much. Moving on. As the current Community Manager for a company in the sustainable energy industry,…


Loving The Imperfect Things In Life

Oct 29th, 2012 Travel, Yoga 2 min read

I got inked last week. The permanence of the ink on my body frightened me, but I was intrigued. I planned for this inking before boarding the cruise ship, sometime after I stumbled on the Aham Prema mantra. Those words, which translate into “I am Divine Love” resonated right into the core of my heart and brought tears to my eyes. At that point, I…


Life Is A Daring Adventure

Oct 29th, 2012 Travel, Yoga 2 min read

It was an eventful beginning to my New York trip. I succumbed to the cold virus two days before flying, and had a full blown fever the day before. Thankfully, my fever broke around midnight, which allowed me to pack for my trip. Well, that was just the start. I arrived at the airport for an early check-in (an hour and half before), only to…


Life At Sea

Jun 14th, 2012 Travel 1 min read

Today marks my second month working on board the Royal Caribbean International’s Legend of the Seas as a Cupcake Supervisor. It has been an interesting adventure ride like none other. Words alone will not be able to paint a clear, concise picture of life on board a cruise ship because it is an experience which only the sole individual will be able to comprehend. Crew…