Trudging Through Thick Mud

Jun 19th, 2018 #chooseLOVEbreatheCOURAGE, Writings, Yoga 2 min read

You wake up one morning and realise that you’re waist deep in a pool of sticky dark dirt brown mud. You try to waddle your feet around but they are pulled down by the weight of the unforgiving mud. You try to push the mud away with your hands, but nothing happens. You’re still stuck. You bite your lower lip to stop the tremble, one…

Girl wind flying in her face

Choosing Love in the Midst of a Heartbreak

Jun 18th, 2018 #chooseLOVEbreatheCOURAGE, Writings, Yoga 2 min read

Many emotions are welling in me. The turmoil of being emotionally cheated on seems slightly overpowering. I turn back to Pema Chodron’s teachings, and the words of Rumi. In the midst of darkness, is it possible for me to feel love for the other — still? How does healing take place, and where should it start? Before we can love another, we need to face…