2020 Festival Programme


- 10:00pm


 SMHFF Youth Competition Winning Film


 How does the stigma of mental health perpetuate in a society?


- 10:00pm




 How eating disorders affect an individual and his/her family


- 3:00pm


 Creating a dementia-friendly society: Whose responsibility is it?


- 6:30pm


 Getting creative for mental well-being


- 10:00pm




 What happens when childhood trauma isn’t addressed early?


- 2:45pm


 We Are All Here


 Suicide: Can talk or not?


- 6:00pm


 Little Stars


 Autistic’ vs. ‘with autism’: does language matter?


- 10:00pm


 SMHFF Youth Competition Winning Film


 How addiction isn’t just an individual’s journey

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Getting There


All screenings are held at:National Gallery Singapore1 St Andrew’s Rd, Singapore 178957


Nearest station: City Hall MRTTake Exit B. The Gallery is approximately a 7-minute walk from City Hall MRT station via the Art Connector.
Coleman Street Entrance:130 stops at the Gallery’s Coleman Street entrance.63, 51, 80, 32, 851 stop opposite Peninsula Place. The Coleman Street entrance is a 5-minute walk away.
Padang Atrium Entrance:195 and 961 stop at Parliament Place. Walk round the corner to the front of the building to get to the Padang Atrium entrance.
61, 124, 145, 166, 174, 197 stop opposite The Treasury Building on North Bridge Road. The Padang Atrium entrance is approximately a 7-minute walk away.
75, 100, 107, 130, 131, 167 stop in front of Victoria Concert Hall. The Gallery is approximately a 5-minute walk away.
By Taxi:A taxi stand is located at the Gallery’s Coleman Street entrance, which is accessible by turning right at the end of Supreme Court Lane.
Next closest taxi stands are located at The Adelphi.
By Car:Cars can drop-off and pick-up passengers at the Coleman Street entrance, which is accessible by turning right at the end of Supreme Court Lane.
Parking:Entrance to the Gallery’s carpark is on the far right of Coleman Street. Access by turning left before St. Andrew’s Cathedral from the left lane of St Andrew’s Road.
Parking Rates7am–6pm: $1.30 per half hour 6pm–1am: $3.20 per entry Motorbike parking: $1 per entry, no overnight parking
Carpark Operating HoursDaily, 7am–1am
• No entry into the Gallery’s carpark after 1am• Cars already in the car park must leave by 2am. The car park will then be shut, and cars left in the car park can only be retrieved after 7am the next day.• Cars left overnight will be charged a levy of $30 in addition to the hourly or per entry rate up to the time the car leaves the car park.

2020 Workshops

Saturday, Feb 29
  • Playfulness for Our Well-Being

    This workshop will introduce participants to the power and importance of playfulness for wellbeing and learning. Through creating, playing and moving they will experience the hands on magic of the joy of playfulness. Then through the framework of the Developmental Play Pyramid they will be introduced to how play works, how it changes our neuro-biology and promotes and supports wellbeing through pre-verbal expression and exploration.

  • Percussive Pulse

    Percussive Pulse is dancing in dialogue with the drums to create early resonances within the body. Undulations of the spine, groundedness of the hips, and integrating elements of nature through play, movement, and expression. Facilitated by movement artist Chloe Chotrani and accompanied by live percussion.

  • Calmness with Clay

    In all imperfections lie immense treasures and stories. Breathe. Relax. Explore clay-making with your senses. Simply enjoy the process. Take a step back from the busy stream of life and experience the peace and joy of working with clay.

  • Bodily Connections

    In today’s world of ramped-up technology and connectivity, the paradox is that our deepest longings for meaningful, satisfying connection – to feel seen, understood and restored in the company of one another, are becoming more unsettled.

    People are biologically wired to derive calm and nourishment in visceral experiences, where attunement occurs at a level more primary than language. This workshop is an opportunity for movement to lead the way between people, for non-verbal contact to fill in the gaps where words have failed. Through the organic unfolding and intertwining of expressions of movement, we will experience what it is like to hold space for each other, to express and receive, and to find a sense of belonging through our common rhythm. In appreciating what binds us together, we will also discover what grants us our individuality, as it is only then that we can truly meet one another.

    This leads us to a second part of the workshop where we will explore our internal world of physical sensations. Becoming aware and able to tolerate our bodily signals is necessary if we were to fully understand psychological events. Through living in our bodies, we may slowly reconnect with ourselves and begin to feel more at ease in this world.

Sunday, Mar 1
  • Reset and Refresh

    Life in Singapore is busy, demanding and stressful; it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. At Well to Work, we’re seeing people burning out at much younger ages than previous generations. A busy, stressed-out mind can make it more challenging for your body to relax and regenerate. The SupaWell method has been shown to help calm the nervous system, which allows you to effectively manage stress and emotional responses with only minutes of regular practice a day. It is a combination of exercises based in physical practices that come naturally to every human being: breathing, vocalisations, touch and focussed awareness. SupaWell exercises are simple, easy to learn and engaging.

    Learn these effective techniques to help reset and refresh your mind and body during this practical workshop.

  • Insights

    The workshop will begin with National Gallery Singapore’s Chua Soo Bin: Truths & Legends exhibition (City Hall Wing, Level 4, Wu Guanzhong Gallery) and participants will reconvene in the workshop space to creatively explore and personally respond to the portraits by the artist. Using portraiture as a theme, participants will explore imagination as part of our embodied experience through the process of view-finding. This process will imbue contemplative qualities while valuing visual art as a point of inquiry. Skills in art are not required for participation in this workshop, and all art materials needed will be provided.

  • Taking Action Towards Personal Wellness

    Taking Action towards Personal Wellness will give you first-hand accounts from Peer Support Specialists about their recovery journeys and even films that inspired them. Create your own wellness toolkit of items to bring back home, and learn the basics of creating your own wellness toolbox to discover more about yourself and actions to stay well. This activity is inspired by the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP), which was created by Mary Ellen Copeland, an author, educator and mental health recovery advocate in the USA.

  • Yin Yoga with Sound Healing

    Yin Yoga is a slow paced style of yoga where the posture is held and maintained for 3-5mins or longer. In this practice, we apply moderate stress to the connective tissues of the body with the aim of increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. This is a more meditative yoga where the practice opens the organ meridians of the body to promote deep healing and regeneration. It brings balance and calmness to the body and mind.

    The session is accompanied by sound healing from the Tibetan singing bowls. Sound healing promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety, balances your chakra and re-energize your auric field.

    Everyone is welcome to experience the session. No age limit or prior yoga experience is required.

Coming soon